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Aug 8 15

What are Developer Services in Android Studio 1.3?

by admin

Developer Services Documentation?

Android Studio 1.3 has finally exited the canary channel and Google just posed an a video giving an overview of the new features. Yay!

If you are like my and were following all the “Click Here” links near the end of the talk, you noticed that “Developer Services” and a link just takes you to the general  Get Your Hands on Android Studio 1.3 page.

AndroidStudioAfter reading and re-reading the post, I couldn’t find anything about Developer Services.

So I decided to do a little digging

How to get to Developer Services menu

To find the developer services options select File->Project Structure

Then you will see the Developer Services options in the Project Structure pop-up. 

But what do the Developer Services Items Do?

Once you can see the developer options you will notice that They Include Ads, Analytics, Authentication, and Notifications.

Ads, Authentication, and Notification only change the project dependencies by adding play-services-base-7.3.0, , play-services-identity-7.3.0, play-services-analytics-7.3.0, and  dependencies to the modules .iml file.

Analytics adds the the play-services-ads-7.3.0 dependency,  but it also provides a gui to help you connect to your google account.  After which it adds, AnalyticsTrackers class, app_trackers.xml, and to the Android.manifest the INTERNET  ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE permissions and google play services metadata tag.

Mar 19 11


by admin

I have been doing a lot where I notice the commonality between the iphone and android development communities. So I made this.

Feb 10 11

My Favorite resources for coding 2D Android Games

by admin

My Top 3 Android 2D Game Dev resources

Number 3:  Coke and Code

A very nice A* implementation that is quite useful if you want to add pathfinding to your game

Number 2: Against the grain gaming blog

A useful blog that takes you through some of the basics in clear and easy steps. It has info about using the canvas, opengl es, particle systems and a few more things.

Number 1: Android Game Developers Blog

There were originally going to be 5 resources but the top three are really all from one person. The game developers blog itself has good stuff on performance testing, monetization,

Sprite Method Test

An example implementation of  rendering sprites in several ways. It includes canvas, textures, etc. It also does a speed comparison of each implementation. Also in general Aps-for-android is worth looking around. There is also a nice like talk about the Sprite Method test from Google IO 2010.

BTW: I am crushed about Google IO 2011. I had been waiting almost all year for the opportunity to register. Selling out in 59 minutes is crazy.

Number 2:

Replica Island

A fully functional 2D platformer that is open source. The game is one of the top free games on the android market and its all open source. If you want to an example of something real and successful here is where you go. The only real gripes I have are that the different parts of the source aren’t really separated and that the complexity of the code can occasionally make it difficult to learn basics.

Nov 8 10

Best Fake XKCD Comic Ever, Well at least for me

by admin

Recently my SO told me that xkcd (my favorite web comic) had been especially good on Friday. But then he said it was something other than “One Liners” so I had to hop on the internet and check it right then. When I pulled up the page this is what came up.

If you want to see the proposal as I originally did you can fallow this link.

The mouse over read "Jennifer Weingarten, will you marry me."

So I’m engaged!  And before you ask, no I am not engaged to Randall Munroe.

Our friends have been teasing my SO for some time that he must write xkcd. Sometimes it is creepy how much XKCD mirrors his current interests/comments.  The tree in the background is the “Century Tree” the traditional place to propose on the A&M campus (my alma mater).

About six weeks ago on April first I had tried to pull a prank on him. I went to the local Dillard’s and bought a sterling silver and CZ ring. Then I tried to convince him that I had decided we were getting married and that I had bought an $8,000 ring.I may have been a joke in poor taste, but come it was April fools after all!

He didn’t believe me for a second, so the joke fell flat. (I’m fairly frugal and not a huge fan of expensive  jewelry.)

Well that’s what he proposed with. I couldn’t be happier!  He did it so I could pick my own ring, but now I don’t know if I want to. I have suddenly become very fond of this one…

Nov 1 10

Programmers are like Cats

by admin

While I was in the office a few days ago my boss started a dreaded and familiar statement about my programming team. What she said was “You guys are like cats”.

If you are like me and your boss or manager starts a sentence this way your heart sinks just a little bit into your shoes.  I’m sure we are all familiar with the old favorite statement “Managing programmers is like herding cats.” And there is a lot of truth to it. Like cats programmers are proud, individualistic, a bit eccentric, intelligent, and don’t like to be micro managed. If you try to heard us you will most likely end up with a programmers scattered across the scenery.

I like my boss and I didn’t like to think that we were making things hard on her.

But how she finished the sentence completely blew me away. Hey full thought was “You guys are like cats, I just leave out some food and you take care of yourselves.” In that moment I felt warm to my toes.

I love working at an agile shop. I love that we are self directed and not micro-managed.  I  love that we set our own commitments and then work our tails off to compleat them.   I love that my boss is not a task master, but rather is a partner helping to clear out obsticles and get me requirments (ie leaving out food). I am  inordinatly happy to work somewhere where its a good thing to be like a cat.

Oct 25 10

Sketches on the Android Service Life Cycle

by admin

I still plan on putting up notes from the Windows 7 Mobile developer kickstart. For now here are some sketches about the Service life cycle.

Update: It turns out that this chart is wrong. You can not stop a bound service by calling stop self. It will only be stopped when the item it is bound to is stopped. I will try to get the chart updated as soon as possible. You can also read an interesting post about what happens if  a service is both bound and started independently here.

Oct 18 10

Save Positron?

by admin

Is positron truly dead? Is it worth trying to save it?

According to the last post on this page and the its google group the open source project Positron may not be supported by its creator anymore. Does anyone know any details? To anyone who has been using Positron, what did you think of it? Are their other better tools out there for testing Android projects?

Oct 15 10

Soldtangent, Geeknight, and Positron

by admin

This week’s Geeknight was  a blast. I started working on an open-source android project called soldtangent.  Its still in its early infancy, so it does not do much yet other than display sold and tangent graphics. However, I did start adding UI testing to it using something called Positron. I haven’t checked in yet but hope to sometime this weekend.  I thought that as we add more code it might serve as an additional example of Positron tests.

This week I had my first experience of encountering someone who found my blog independently.  It was both cool and sobering. What I write here really is open to the whole world.

Plus, I bumped into someone at Geeknight who was in the same college science fiction club as me.  Except he was from about 5-10 years before my time. The world can be a very small place. To anyone else from the club, I now know the true source of the tradition about 14.

Update: It appears that Positron may be dead. :(

Oct 11 10

Activity States

by admin

For some reason while I was studying activity life cycles and states this popped into my head.  For the actual life cycle check out this android dev page . On the personal side, I have recently been having trouble getting enough sleep. I have to say, I can recommend Drank.  Its a weird purple soda with melatonin, but it put me out like a light.

Oct 11 10

Starting Activities Directly

by admin

I mapped out the simplest way activities are started. I still need to map out how activities are found using the manifest file. I think the thing that surprised me the most is that activities store their starting intent. Sorry the pic is a little blurry. If you click on it you can see it better.