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My Favorite resources for coding 2D Android Games

by admin on February 10th, 2011

My Top 3 Android 2D Game Dev resources

Number 3:  Coke and Code

A very nice A* implementation that is quite useful if you want to add pathfinding to your game

Number 2: Against the grain gaming blog

A useful blog that takes you through some of the basics in clear and easy steps. It has info about using the canvas, opengl es, particle systems and a few more things.

Number 1: Android Game Developers Blog

There were originally going to be 5 resources but the top three are really all from one person. The game developers blog itself has good stuff on performance testing, monetization,

Sprite Method Test

An example implementation of  rendering sprites in several ways. It includes canvas, textures, etc. It also does a speed comparison of each implementation. Also in general Aps-for-android is worth looking around. There is also a nice like talk about the Sprite Method test from Google IO 2010.

BTW: I am crushed about Google IO 2011. I had been waiting almost all year for the opportunity to register. Selling out in 59 minutes is crazy.

Number 2:

Replica Island

A fully functional 2D platformer that is open source. The game is one of the top free games on the android market and its all open source. If you want to an example of something real and successful here is where you go. The only real gripes I have are that the different parts of the source aren’t really separated and that the complexity of the code can occasionally make it difficult to learn basics.

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